Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pickle Power

Last night I attended 'FranFest' - the birthday celebrations of my beautiful friend Francesca Bartha. For the festival themed house party myself and my housemate Sam decided to do something slightly different as, quite frankly, I didn't fancy turning up in the standard festival uniform of hotpants and a crop top, wellies optional. Instead we opted for a slightly different take on fancy dress, basically we went dressed as giant pickled gherkins, naming ourselves 'Team Pickle' - just don't ask.

I'm not going to explain this idea too much, but basically we enjoy a nice pickle now and again and we thought we'd spread the joy through the medium of FranFest. We certainly achieved our aim, everyone was definitely loving our efforts, myself included. I'm surprised at how much I got involved with the arts and crafts to be honest.

So here ya go, some lovely pictures of our evening dressed as pickles.

Well, I had to take the costume off at some point!

What have you all been up to this weekend, can you top my pickle story?

Love Bron x

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