Sunday, 30 December 2012


Just a short and sweet post to confirm I will be taking this blog seriously as of the new year. I have some exciting posts lined up and I intend to make the most of the blogosphere from now on - you have my word.

Hope you're looking forward to what I have in store, and make sure you all party hard tomorrow night!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Helen Flanagan - Love her or hate her?

She attempted (and I use the term extremely loosely) her fifth Bushtucker trial in a row last night. The task, entitled 'Rodent Run', involved the ex-Corrie star running on a giant hamster wheel whilst meal worms - hardly the worst thing in the world - were dropped on her. She would have won two stars for the camp, with the possibility of more as the trial continued. She flat out refused to even begin the trial, claiming she was "freaking out". 
If the girl has genuine fears then that's fair enough, but why agree to go in to the jungle when you can't even muster the courage to try the easiest of tasks? Not only is the 22-year-old starting to grate on her fellow camp mates, but it seems the public may be beginning to turn against her too. Professional darts player, Eric Bristow last night commented, "I don’t know why you’re in here if you don’t like insects and bugs and animals and things like that and you come into a jungle. What did you think you were going to do in here, drink milkshakes?" Helen replied with a shrug of the shoulders and a little giggle.
After returning from her failed trial yesterday she took to the Bush telegraph, sobbing "I just feel they are all turning against me." Unfortunately, the camp is becoming increasingly tired, hungry (no thanks to Helen) and emotional as their time in the Australian jungle continues. Cracks are beginning to show and Helen may turn into the outsider if she doesn't make more of an effort, she doesn't seem to understand the impact her actions are having on the group as a whole.
Her severe lack of independence is slightly worrying and may be reflective of her life as a child actor. I just hope her experience in the jungle has a positive effect on the girl and she realises that she is capable of much more than she may think.
Teeny-weeny bikini's and trout pouts can only get you so far. What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Gossip Drip

So I've just started writing for Gossip Drip, a fairly new website posting everything from celebrity news to beauty reviews and the latest fashion trends in the UK.
A preview of my first post regarding the December of GQ, featuring a naked Rihanna:
The world watches her every move in anticipation. From her recent drastic haircut, to her growing collection of body art and her much-documented relationship with Chris Brown. We all read her controversial tweets and wonder what else can the Bajan babe do to shock us?
It’s certainly not difficult to understand the reasoning behind GQ’s decision to use Rihanna as their latest cover girl. She has already been dubbed the ‘sexiest woman alive’ and let’s face it, it’s impossible to ignore the allure that oozes from her every pore.
It’s hard to believe Rihanna could get any sexier, but the December ‘Men of the Year (And One Hot Woman)’ issue proves us all wrong. The singer is featured posing naked, her strategically placed arms covering her crotch and a leather jacket draped over shoulders.
In addition to the eye-popping images of the sex siren, the accompanying interview portrays her as the slightly unpredictable yet fun-loving girl we all perceive her to be. Touching on her past relationship with Chris Brown, her thoughts on love and her perception of herself, GQ have managed to strip Rihanna bare in all aspects of her personal and professional life.
‘Unapologetic’, Rihanna’s seventh album in as many years, is set for release on November 19th. If recent hit ‘Diamonds’ is anything to go by, it is sure to be a best-seller and something to add to her growing list of achievements.
The December issue of GQ hits news stands on November 20th. Will you be picking up your copy?

Have a look around the site and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

super duper hangover day

Eugh. Kill. Me. Now.

I'm the first to admit, I am a complete and utter light weight when it comes to drinking. Seriously though, what can you expect, at a pint size 5ft tall I really am the petitest of petites. Last night however, I decided it was time to inhale jagerbombs and vodka mixers like there was no tomorrow.

Unfortunately, there was a tomorrow. An important tomorrow, in which I planned to finish an essay (due in imminently) and do generally productive things with my life. Instead, thanks to my complete lack of will power when it comes to refusing drinks and dancing, I lay in bed for the majority of the day feeling rather lack lustre about anything and everything.

I have since surfaced from my shit-tip of a bedroom, showered and wrapped myself in a onesie. Tomorrow is another day, and I must must must get back on track. But first, its time to veg for the rest of the evening in my rather sorry state. May as well finish what I've started.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Today Will Be Productive

So after feeling horrendous for the last week and being unable to summon the motivation to do little more than crawl from my pit to the kitchen for supplies and back again I feel it's time to tackle some work. Before I drown in said work. I'm barely keeping my head above water as it is.

Plan of action for today? Lock myself in bedroom, sit in bed (in my boyfriends t-shirt and my underwear), books haphazourdly spread around me, laptop on, avoid procrastination, do work. I'll let you know how it goes.

Right kitchen time, I need tea and chocolate (this does not count as procrastination).

Monday, 22 October 2012

Today I am ill

I am never ill. I mean I pretend to be ill all the time. I have used the age old excuse for pity/attention or to get out of work/school/college/uni many a time. But today I am actually one hundred percent properly ill. And it sucks.

I ache, I can't breathe properly, my throat feels like it's closing up, I'm losing my voice and I look like a pigeons bum. All I want is for my mum to come look after me, make me some chicken soup and endless cups of tea, stroke my hair and tell me everything is going to be OK.

Instead I'm stuck in grotty old 23 Blackberry Terrace awaiting the return of my housemates in the vein hope that they might shower me with sympathy. If they refuse to co-operate I will ensure that I infect them too.

Time to get back to mindless television programmes, junk food and copious amounts of cough syrup. 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Maxi and Midi for a Mini

Being only 5ft tall makes shopping for maxi cuts extremely difficult. It's hard to find any pieces that don't look as if I'm drowning in the material, whilst attempting not to trip over the hem line when strolling down the street. 

I know many would advise against smaller girls wearing maxi or midi shapes, as often they can make us look even shorter than in reality. However, I think a well fitted maxi dress or skirt elongates my figure, a higher waist (or well placed belt) making my legs appear longer, which is always a great feeling on a fat day.

This autumn/winter I am filling my wardrobe with maxi cuts in dark shades, a slightly more sophisticated alternative to my usual jeans/leggings and t-shirt combos. Topshop, Primark and River Island are currently stocking a vast array of 'mullet' style skirts, fitted below the knee pencil skirts, flowing maxi skirts and jersey maxi and midi dresses. Worn with tights and this season's must-have black studded ankle boots these pieces will help us with the winter blues. 

Here's a few of my favourites:

Aztec Midi Tank Dress - £32, Topshop
Racer Strappy Maxi Dress - £18, Topshop
Green Paisley Printed Skirt - Now £15, Topshop (sale)
Neptune Stud Boot - £70, Office
Nighthawk Stud Boot - £80, Office
Black Print Side Split Maxi Skirt - £22, River Island

Monday, 8 October 2012

Motivation has left the building.

I'm desperately trying to phsyche myself up at the prospect of researching and beginning the ellusive Final Major Project. However, it seems the harder I try to muster the excitement or the need to do work the more I cannot bring myself to even set foot in a library, let alone open a book and write some words.

I guess starting a dissertation means facing up to the fact that my time as a student is fast running out. We all know the good life can't last forever. I want to look back safe in the knowledge that I made the best of the time I've spent at university - in terms of both work and play.

Going out into the real world seems like a daunting prospect right now. I'm trying to keep in mind the fact that I'm still incredibly young and, whichever direction I eventually choose to take will be worth any struggles or obstacles that may get in my way.

Although the last two years of my life have not been without their problems, I will never ever regret my decision to attend university. I may not have shown my full potential in certain aspects of my academic career so far, but I am determined to make this year my year. Keeping this simple fact in mind and the knowledge that I will give my absolute best to my third and final year at university, I hope to make myself proud.

Anyway, emotional rant over. It's time to do some bloody work.

Wish me luck

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Third Year Blues

So, October is rearing its head once and again and that means only one thing for students across the country - the start of a new year at uni. We're all leaving the comfort of our parents home's once again to live off a diet of Asda smart price noodles and cheap vodka
It's that time of year when attempting to avoid the minefield of drunken, over-friendly freshers has once again become top of the agenda when attending any bar/club. We're all full of hope and promise that 'this will be the year I don't put off EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF WORK UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE', when deep down we all know a leopard never changes its spots (and student living breeds laziness).

Unfortunately, I've finally reached the dreaded third year. It's crazy to think that just two years ago, I was one of those lost looking, butter-wouldn't-melt first years. I can't imagine a life that doesn't involve spontaneous mid-week nights out, microwave meals for one and 80p drinks deals (thank you Kaos).

This year it's supposedly time to settle down and admit that life cannot be this simple forever. I may actually have to stay in and do some work, write some essays, do some procrastinating, attempt an FMP, procrastinate some more and hopefully come up with something half decent to show for the last three years of my life. 

If you're not a student you certainly can't justify sitting in front on Jeremy Kyle for hours on end. 
Or getting out of bed half way through the day. 
Or wearing pajama bottoms to the local Tesco.
Or classing flyering outside clubs as a 'part-time job'.
Or only spending a tenner on a night out.
Or justifying anything with 'it's OK I'm a student'.

Oh my God, I've changed my mind. I want to be a student for ever.