Tuesday, 6 November 2012

super duper hangover day

Eugh. Kill. Me. Now.

I'm the first to admit, I am a complete and utter light weight when it comes to drinking. Seriously though, what can you expect, at a pint size 5ft tall I really am the petitest of petites. Last night however, I decided it was time to inhale jagerbombs and vodka mixers like there was no tomorrow.

Unfortunately, there was a tomorrow. An important tomorrow, in which I planned to finish an essay (due in imminently) and do generally productive things with my life. Instead, thanks to my complete lack of will power when it comes to refusing drinks and dancing, I lay in bed for the majority of the day feeling rather lack lustre about anything and everything.

I have since surfaced from my shit-tip of a bedroom, showered and wrapped myself in a onesie. Tomorrow is another day, and I must must must get back on track. But first, its time to veg for the rest of the evening in my rather sorry state. May as well finish what I've started.

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