Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sales findings

So I planned on doing a post about New Year's Eve; what I wore, what I got up to and so on. However, in true NYE style, I got far too drunk to take any decent photos and have decided not to bore you with the details sans pictures. Instead here's a little post on my experiences with this year's sales shoppers.

I'm not really one for sales shopping. Nothing makes me angrier than fighting off people to browse through a mismatched rail of clothing than most probably contains nothing I would buy on a normal shopping day but hey, knock it down to half price and I'll buy it, take it home, try it on and bring it back because it's as ugly as it was at full price.
Sale's make shops look incredibly unattractive, full stop. The aforementioned rails upon rails of mismatched clothing do nothing for me. I have neither the patience nor the inclination to browse through these, especially whilst being elbowed and shoved by a group of crazy women all eager to get a look in. No thank you. The feeling of satisfaction experienced when I manage to pull out that dress that I've wanted for ages but haven't been able to afford is quickly quashed by the fact that it's four sizes too big.
I like a shop to look neat and tidy, where I can see everything and browse at my leisure. I do not want the shop to look like my own full-to-bursting wardrobe; nobody should have to deal with that.
I love a bargain as much as the next student, but I point blank refuse to join in with this January sales malarkey on the high street. I will, however, spend whole days trawling the internet for cut price deals. There is nothing wrong with shopping from the comfort of your own duvet, cup of tea in hand and obligatory New Year’s feel good film on in the background. It certainly makes for good procrastination.

Here's a few of my finds:

'B' Watch - £10 (was £26) Urban Outfitters

From left: A-line skirt - £15 (was £35), maxi skirt - £25 (was £40), high-waisted denim shorts - £10 (was £38) ALL Urban Outfitters

What are your opinions on the January sales? Have you found any unbelievable bargains?

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