Thursday, 17 January 2013

Mid-Week Treats

What girl doesn't like to spoil herself rotten every now and again. Personally, I'll take any excuse to hit the shops and bag myself a little bargain any day of the week. But today I feel it was a reward I had actually earned, well slightly. And, like a dog that's learning a new trick I guess I'm bribing myself (sort of) into working harder and doing better.

After a tutorial with my Final Major Project tutor I was told that "I was definitely on the right track" - what great praise indeed. Well, it certainly was if you consider the small fact that I wrote the feature I handed in at a ridiculous time this morning, whilst sleep deprived. I'm on the right track, always good news. Right?!

Anyway, after this small treat at 10.30am this morning I decided to meander into town, with the sole purpose of just window shopping. But who was I kidding, what fun is there in browsing. I don't have the will power or the self restraint to not actually buy something that catches my eye. And so this is how I found myself at the till in Topshop, arms laden with goodies once again.

Here's a peak at my purchases:

Floral Checkerboard Camisole - £26
Available here

Floral Tapestry Shorts - £32
Available here

Ikat Printed Culotte Shorts - £28
Available here

I absolutely adore this checkerboard style camisole top, so different to anything I have in my wardrobe at present. I've seen it in Topshop a few times yet always managed to resist adding it to my basket, but not today. I'm thinking of wearing it out tomorrow night with some disco shorts. Then again it is supposed to snow and I do not want to be freezing my arse off - quite literally.

The tapestry shorts are so cute and also quiet versatile. They could be warn in the evening with a pair of heels or styled for an afternoon lunch date with a pair of opaque tights and brogues. And the culottes, just so adorable and it just looks as if you're wearing a skater skirt when you try them on. The pattern's pretty funky too.

Have you bought any well deserved purchases this week? Drop me a comment, I'd love to know!

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