Saturday, 9 March 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away

I've been a bad bad girl this week and, rather unfortunately, blogging has been put aside due to my mounting uni work and shifts at my actual place of work. I'm very sorry, I will try and refrain from this ever happening again! To make up for lost time, I have not just one but (hopefully) two posts for you today. Excited, right?!

If you look out of the window this morning you will no doubt notice that the weather has reverted back to being dull and dreary and really rather depressing, if I'm being honest. I've even gone to the trouble of checking the weather forecast, so desperate am I for a hint of sunshine somewhere in the near future. But no, instead I was (unnecessarily) shocked to find out that there's actually snow on the way. Jeez, spring is supposed to be around the corner - sort it out British weather. Consequently, this has put my summer wardrobe on hold for the time being and the winter uniform of black, black and more black has made an imminent return.

Today I have a busy day ahead consisting of a lightning quick trip into town for a coffee and little shop followed by a Saturday shift at work and an evening filled with uni work and lots of food - because I need some form of treat to get me through the long, long night ahead. I've gone for my much loved leather skirt this morning as I may as well get as much wear out of as I can while I wait for summer to arrive. I've teamed it with a printed shirt, to break up all that black, picked up in the Primark sale for a mere £5, opaque tights and ankle boots. Leather is a great material for dull days like today, it keeps you nice and toasty and, contrary to what you may think, it's just so versatile.

Leather Skirt - Primark, £12
Shirt - Primark £5 (sale)

Hope you like, what are you all doing this weekend?

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