Friday, 22 March 2013

Polka Dots

So yesterday I headed to the shops for a bit of retail therapy and for a much needed hair dye. I have been on the hunt for some monochrome bits and pieces to add to my wardrobe ready for the spring/summer (whenever it decides to grace us with its presence). I wanted pieces that were affordable and also adaptable, something that I could mix and match with a range of things in order to really get the most for my money. Basically, I wanted bargains.

Now I'm not usually one to shop in New Look, I rarely find anything in there that I like so I tend to avoid it. But I'd spotted these polka dot print trousers on Gem Fatale's blog and knew that I needed to get them in my life, so off to New Look I went. I hadn't actually expected to find them in the shop to be honest, so I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to find them and in my size - yay! After trying them on I did indeed fall in love, perfect fit and just the right length for stumpy pins.

I gave them a whirl today teamed with a white shirt (Primark bargain), statement necklace also from New Look and black ankle boots. This is a great way to wear the look during these dark and dreary days, but when the sun finally pokes its head out I will be wearing them with an oversized tee/vest and sandals - can't wait!

Shirt - Primark
Trousers - New Look
Necklace - New Look
Boots - Boohoo


  1. Love love love those trousers, I envy that you have the confidence to do outfit of the days. I feel horrible even uploading a face picture to my beauty blog. x

    1. oh god, I cringe every time I see them still - you're not alone!